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Annuity Exchanges Reviews"We bought an annuity years ago, knowing that we needed to plan for retirement, but I still felt like it wasn't enough. Our NAA Life agent showed us that there were better annuity plans available, so we exchanged the old one without a hassle. I'd highly recommend it if you already have an annuity."

Annuity Exchanges Reviews"I had some retirement plans from previous employers that I didn't know what do with. My agent showed me that I could put them into an annuity and have an income for the rest of my life once I retire. It was a deal I just couldn't turn down."

Annuity Exchanges Reviews"With my old annuity, I felt like my money was trapped - I couldn't use the money before retirement, even for emergencies. I'd seen my parents struggle with medical bills, so I was worried. When the agent told me that a new annuity would allow me to withdraw funds if I became ill or was in a nursing home, I told her to exchange my annuity immediately!"

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