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Do I Need a Medical Exam to Get Term Life Insurance?

The answer is...

Sometimes. We know that's not the answer you're looking for, so we'll explain further.

No Medical Exam - YAY!

First things first, you must ask your life insurance agent if he or she offers "no medical exam" policies. If the answer is no, you're going to have to look for a new company. If a policy is available, they'll start to ask you a lot of questions.

The first question your agent will likely ask you is how much coverage you want. Most companies offer these policies with a face value up to $250,000 or $400,000. However, NAA Life offers up to $1 MILLION of non-med coverage. If your family needs more coverage than that, you may have to take an exam.

The truth is that diabetic life insurance really isn't much different than any other life insurance, but lots of insurance companies consider diabetics a risk, so they give the policy a different name and charge a higher premium.

If you don't need a high amount of coverage, the next questions you'll have to answer are about your health. Do you take any medications? Have you ever had health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, cancer, etc.? If you answer no to all the health questions, you won't have to take the exam. If you answer yes, but your conditions have not been serious (each company has its own definition of "serious") you have a good chance of being approved without the nurse's visit. If you currently have a serious condition (or had one in the past), you can go head and schedule your appointment.

Yes, Tell the Nurses to Come on Over.

As you may have noticed, there are several reasons that you may have to take a health examination. Some insurance companies don't offer non-med policies at all. Others may offer it, but not in certain states due to local insurance laws.

You may also have to see the nurse if you need a large amount of term coverage. Companies do this because they want to know that you're healthy so that they don't pay out that large death benefit too soon. Many whole life policies require exams because the death benefit is guaranteed.

Your health is one of the biggest factors in whether or not you'll be required to take an exam. If you've had a history of any illnesses or conditions, insurance companies want to know if those are a problem now and if they're likely to be a problem in the future. Insurance carriers can also turn you down if they consider your condition "serious" enough.

Getting Coverage

The good news is that whether you need an exam or not, we can help you get coverage. NAA Life offers policies from several different carriers, so you have plenty of options to choose from. We even have guaranteed issue policies that will provide coverage no matter what health conditions you may have. To learn more about our coverage, check out our term life insurance page, fill out the form on this page or call 877-233-5166. We look forward to helping you protect your family (and we'll do our best to help you avoid that exam!)

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