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Lifetime Income Annuity Reviews"At first, I thought the agent was pulling my leg when he told me I could have an income for the rest of my life after retirement. It just sounded too good to be true. When he proved that it was real and that I could afford it, I couldn't believe my luck! I don't worry about retirement anymore."

Lifetime Income Annuity Reviews"My husband and I live comfortably now, but I worried that the money would dry up when we retired, so I started looking at different retirement plans. When I heard about NAA Life and lifetime income annuities, I was glad to know that we'd be okay."

Lifetime Income Annuity Reviews"I requested to talk to an agent, thinking that I would get an annuity that would gain a little bit of interest and keep me going for least 10 years after retirement. I was really excited when I heard that a lifetime income was an option. I don't know why anyone would choose anything else."

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