Mortgage Disability Insurance Services

Cancer, heart attack, and stroke: these are just three examples of devastating illnesses that can strike at any time, robbing your family of its financial security. It could become difficult to make your mortgage payments if an illness or injury prevented you from working. NAA Life provides mortgage disability insurance plans that safeguard your family's welfare, so you can worry about recovery instead of bills. Here are some benefits of mortgage disability insurance you may not have known about:

National Agents Alliance Provides:

  • Coverage without a medical exam
  • A monthly benefit to pay off your mortgage in the event of prolonged disability
  • Get up to twice the normal benefit in the event of accidental death
  • Options for your family to receive the benefit as a lump sum or monthly over the course of several years
  • Receive a refund of all your premiums when the policy expires

To learn more about these and other benefits of our mortgage disability insurance plans, please fill out the form to your right.

Note: Not all benefits are available in every state. Please ask your insurance specialist for more details.

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