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Andy AlbrightFor most homeowners, the mortgage is the single largest source of personal debt. Mortgage protection insurance is a specialized life insurance policy offered by National Agents Alliance, that is designed to pay off that debt in the event of your death.

Mortgage Protection is life insurance which protects a homeowner and family at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time, usually the length of the mortgage term.  If the covered primary income earner dies during the mortgage term, a death benefit can be paid to the surviving family members, who can then use the funds to pay off the balance of the mortgage. With NAALife, however, what the surviving family members (or beneficiaries) do with the death benefit is completely up to them.

A Couple Sitting by their HomeMortgage Protection is a form of term life insurance and can be contrasted to permanent life insurance such as whole life and universal life, which guarantee coverage at fixed premiums for the lifetime of the covered individual. Mortgage Protection insurance is not generally used for estate planning needs or charitable giving strategies but for pure income replacement needs for an individual. Financial advisers generally advise buying products like mortgage protection insurance and investing the difference elsewhere to those who still qualify to contribute to other tax-deferred investment growth such as IRA's or 401k's.

Why is Mortgage Protection Insurance so important?

Imagine the worst case scenario. A fatal accident today would force your loved ones to immediately experience financial hardship. On top of your final expenses, the mortgage is due, but your family has no way to pay it without your income. They haven't even had enough time to grieve and now they have to deal with the impending tragedy of foreclosure.

Like most life insurance, mortgage protection insurance eases the financial burden of your loved ones. It is an affordable way of ensuring that your home is paid for no matter the circumstances. Cancer, stroke, heart attack, injury, death... your family will never be in jeopardy of losing its home as long as you put a custom mortgage protection insurance plan in place.

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Mortgage Protection Insurance